Feliz Navidad – Christmas like the children deserve it

Like every Christmas, this should be a special experience for the children of the Fundación. The Christmas celebration program was already in place, preparations were in full progress when we got informed, that the annual donor for the children’s gifts had jumped off. Since the Foundation’s financial resources have been used up, it looked like the children would not receive a Christmas gift this year.

Children smashing Piñataa, a popular game in Ecuador

We volunteers could not accept this and decided to mobilize people from Switzerland. Thanks to the generous support of relatives, friends and fellow students, we were able to collect the required amount of USD 630 after only a few hours. After a few days, the donations even exceeded twice the target amount. This incredible engagement made it possible for us to give all 70 children of the Fundación an individual gift and a fruit basket. With even more pleasure we are happy to tell you about the successful giving out of Christmas presents.

Early in the morning we met on the sports field and divided the children into groups, in which typical Christmas songs were sung. Two children, disguised as Joseph and Mary, led the procession. After a deep reflection on the meaning of Christmas, various games were offered. Gummitwist, to smash piñatas, to paint smiling children’s faces or the well-known Swiss chocolate game – there was something for everyone. The children’s eyes were shining when, after an extensive lunch, the fruit baskets and presents were finally distributed. The happiness was enormous, because for many children this was probably the only present they received for Christmas.

To experience Christmas in a different way has shown us volunteers that it doesn’t take much to make someone happy. Christmas as we know it from our childhood does not seem to be the reality for all children. The children of the Fundación learnt us to appreciate the little things and made Christmas a magical experience.

Patrizia & Nina
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator