IT-Lessons for the Children

As also in Ecuador distance learning had been imposed it became visible that the children had very varying knowledge of technology. Some already had had some experience with computers and were able to follow the lessons easily, while others had no knowledge at all. 

The computer lessons started in April with the aim of teaching the children basic skills and prepare them well for the online lessons so that all the children could take part in class together.

IT-Lessons for the Children weiterlesen

Solidarity on the day of friendship and Easter

In this time of pandemic and uncertainty, it is so pleasant to see signs of human solidarity.

This could be experienced in February and April at the Fundacion, thanks to the voluntary contribution of the teenage students of the German School in Quito. The students of class 10C were motivated to give love, solidarity, respect and attachment to the children and young people of the Fundacion in the form of pencil cases, letters and chocolate baskets to celebrate Friendship Day and Easter.

The children and young people who visit the Foundation every day have understood that there are people out there who care about them and who appreciate them.

Annual Report

The year 2020 is drawing to a close. One thing is certain: it was a special year for all of us. For the last days of December, I now wish you a contemplative and humane end.

Also in the Fundación we will again organize a special moment for the children at Christmas, clearly with the appropriate adaptations to this situation. Especially in this time, such moments have become all the more important.

What we have achieved this year and how we have used the crisis as an opportunity for positive changes and new developments, you can see from the annual report.

In October to mid-November I was once again on a Swiss journey with ten events in German-speaking Switzerland. Unfortunately, for understandable reasons, the events were not as generously attended as expected. That’s why Janna and Michael spent a lot of voluntary hours making a 6-part film of the presentation about the Fundación. You can now watch it at home in front of the fireplace. The film is uploaded on our website (in Swiss-German).

For the new year we will continue to maintain the activities for our protégés with a lot of flexibility. Especially in this time, children’s rights and human rights, such as the right to education and healthy food, are no longer a matter of course.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Marco Nyffeler and the whole Fundación