Lessons learned in times of pandemic

During this pandemic we realised that despite the good or bad education we have received in life, we went about our activities in a reckless manner, crowding together, eating junk food, touching surfaces without washing our hands, coughing and sneezing without consideration for the person next to us. We learned that the wealth and power of countries in the world is not enough to protect against new pathogens, and that bad interventions by governments can have dire consequences on the population. We learned to miss the tireless hours of face-to-face classes, the hours of work, in short, to miss our routine. We learned to value our loved ones when before we were fed up with so many hugs and kisses, and that in case one of them was admitted to hospital, it was better to say goodbye in time than never to say goodbye at all, since they would be returned to us in ashes. And this is when everything around us discovers its value; the importance of the here and now.

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