In the „Rancho Los Pinos“ community, as in many others in Quito, a lot of children face poor school performance, high repetition rate and dropouts. The reasons are multifaceted such as malnutrition, semi-analphabetic parents, an outdated school curriculum and a disproportionately high number of kids per class.

Due to these various reasons, we established a learning support program in the afternoons to benefit about 45 children from the community.

little girl undertaking school tutoring      children from the homework project      child doing their homework

The project aims are:

  • Bringing to the children a clean, adequate, agreeable and valuable space where they can do their homework under the surveillance of a well qualified staff
  • Improve the quality of the education of the children with learning difficulties

We work according to the needs of the children and adolescents, aiming to directly support and improve their education through:

  • Guided homework
  • Learning support and levelling
  • Basic library
  • Learning strategies development
  • School and family visits
  • Education of basic values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Learning and training space for youngsters and students through volunteering and practice for his/her self-development Educational material to assist in the accomplishment of tasks and other activities.

Through the educational support sessions the children learn to replace their fears and frustrations by assurance. Furthermore, they build their self-confidence and strengthen their cognitive abilities and social competitiveness. By achieving a higher level of education, the children get the chance to ameliorate their living conditions in the long-term and to get a good job.

In meetings with parents and their own visits to school, fruitful exchanges of ideas which are valuable for the children, take place to solve issues and problems. Like this, the parents are actively involved in the development and education of their children and are made aware of their important role as parents.