We elaborated our values altogether with the working team and the volunteers

  • We are a non-profit organisation.
  • We focus our work on children and teenagers.
  • We want to become a support for the children’s integral development: physical, social, emotional and educational.
  • We teach the children and the teenagers to generate a fairer society through the teaching of positive values and attitudes.
  • We treat each child and teenager as an individual. We believe that they are our present and our future.
  • We adapt ourselves to the learning pace and the natural learning rhythms of children.
  • We welcome every individual’s ideas, comments and suggestions which could help reinforcing and facilitating the implementation of the foundation’s objectives.

To better understand each human being, we believe the following:

  • Every human being is a complete person who develops in him/herself physically, spiritually, socially, affectively
  • Every child is a complete person in the course of developing her/himself and is in need of particular care due to their vulnerable state.