Volunteering: a personal commitment

Radiate happiness

The demanding task of accompanying children and teenagers in a healthy and carefree environment continues. Due to the new regulations of the government (abolition of masks) we notice a fundamental change in everyday life at the Fundacion. Everyone may again show her/his feelings with expressions of joy, sadness, and peacefulness.

It is good to see the tenderness and the innocence of the children and teenagers coming back after such a long time.

During the pandemic, we learned how to protect the integrity and the health of others and ourselves. Respectfully and feeling well we played, learned, and still had fun.

Helping is everybody’s job

We try to encourage the children and teenagers to learn in different ways, to have fun while learning and that there’s not only one way of learning. There’s no reason in learning something by heart and then to forget it later. The volunteers are kindly looking for ways of teaching alternate methods of learning to help them for their future life in a more practical way.


5 youths received a training in “Fischer-Technique” for one year to be able to share their knowledge with the children and teenagers afterwards. The training started in April 21 and ended in April 22 with the much-earned graduation.

Each day, there are two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They enhance the motoric, spatial, logical, and mathematical abilities of the children and teenagers which is helpful for their lives at school. Furthermore, it enables them to look at things in a different way and to learn that behind each task there’s some technical work. There’s also the revelation that learning in a creative and playful manner is much easier. 

Sebastián Tipantuña
Volunteer from the neigbourhood