A lot of people wish to make a unique experience abroad: do something useful, make a difference, and get to know a different culture. This is exactly what you can experience every day at the foundation “Minadores de Sueños” in Quito’s suburb “Rancho los Pinos”.

Now you may wonder what it needs to become a volunteer in our project? Have a look at the requirements!

What would be my daily work during my volunteering? Will I be able to use my strengths and abilities in this different environment? Make yourself a picture of the daily work in the project.

What has to be organized before I can accompany the children in their daily lives? Check out preparation before volunteering

Did we catch your interest?
Read under Application and process of the volunteer work how to apply. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate and send an email to Marco Nyffeler, the project manager.

Would you like to sign up right away?
You informed yourself well enough and belong to those persons that are quick to decide? Then you fill out the application form. Please send it together with a motivation letter (see N° 2 under application and process of the volunteer work) to Eliane Berger, who is responsible for the coordination of the volunteers.