For most families, to balance one’s diet is not something obvious, but rather an everyday fight and most of the times desperate. Children face under nourishment or malnourishment which impedes their self-development. Over the past years the situation worsened largely due to food price inflation. Parents cannot afford for basic foodstuffs and as a result, a potato soup can become the only hot meal of the day. Therefore, our goal is:

  • To provide the children and adolescents with a nutritive and balanced lunch every day



For all children and adolescents who take part in the activities of the foundation, we provide healthy and nutritious snacks. To implement, it needs 50 snacks daily and 15 snacks on saturdays for the teenagers. In the holiday camps we need about 150 snacks daily. For those families with children who are supported by the foundation, we also provide snacks to take to school.

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