Summer camp 2023

For the children and adolescents, the highlight of the school year was the school camp organized by the Foundation at the beginning of July at Castillo de Amaguaña. Three educators and four volunteers accompanied and supervised 39 children and adolescents. 

A bus was hired by the administration to transport all the participants to the camp site and, upon arrival, the excitement and curiosity of the children and adolescents was palpable. For many, it was their first experience of sleeping away from home, and in a tent! For this reason, meticulous planning was carried out beforehand, both of the place and of the activities to be carried out. On the first day there were sports games, such as ball games and catching, while the little ones enjoyed the playground. Later on, a recreational skill course was organized in mixed groups, with multiple games of competition, dance and artistic skills. A little bit of everything for everyone. Naturally, there was also free time or rest time.

The second day had two important milestones: a short guided walk along marked trails and a guided dance therapy, in which children and adolescents enjoyed the movement and the laughter that arose. The last day was the most eagerly awaited. It was a morning at the swimming pool, an ideal place to play, cool off and have fun.

A crucial part, both for the planning and for the participants, was mealtime. The space provided by Castillo de Amaguaña for the camp had small huts with tables and chairs, spaces that were used to eat the food. Due to the proximity of the Foundation, it was agreed in the planning that the Foundation staff would prepare the three daily meals: breakfast, lunch and snack. Always healthy and delicious, it was received with great appetite.

With a variety of activities and food, the 2023 school camp fulfilled its objective: to provide children and adolescents with a safe and entertaining space to enjoy the first days of summer vacation. It also gave them the chance to create memorable memories of their time at the foundation, as well as rewarding them for their hard work in homework and school. 

Thank you very much to all the participants, we hope that next year will be just as successful.

Alisson Milena y Nua