Mission and Vision

We are a non-profit organisation which promotes the integral self-development of impoverished children and teenagers. We aspire to the familial and social change, evolution and integration by following human values.

We aim to be an organization promoting a high-quality socio-educational support, a learning method for children and teenagers that follows social requirements to build educational and administrative practices; with the active contribution of our humane and committed team to satisfy the needs of the surrounding community.

Why „Minadores de Sueños“?
The miners (=minadores) are excluded from society. These people live, work and fight at the margin of society, struggling for their survival, searching for their existence in the garbage of the city.
“To us, these are people with dreams and hopes. Dreams are fundamental to human beings because they help us to live a life full of dignity. Dreams give us hope and help to fight for better days.

The foundation strives to create a space where children can live up to their creativity and dreams. We create conviviality with dignity, respect, solidarity and trust. We encourage reasonable competition and social relations between the kids. Through intervention we aim to strengthen family unity in order to prevent family abandonment, school dropouts and gang involvement.