Annual reports

Annual report 2022

This year, many pandemic restrictions were lifted. Fortunately, we were able to resume and also further expand our holistic offers for children and young people in the neighborhood. You can find more about our actions in the interesting annual report.

Annual report 2021

Although the corona crisis still had impact on the daily live in the fundacíon, we tried to focus on our main purpose: the fundamental human rights of our children. You can read about what we made for it in our  annual report.

Annual report 2020

A very special year has come to an end. The impact of the corona crisis in Ecuador and for the foundation is documented in the  annual report

Annual report 2019

What do the children, young people, staff and volunteers think about the Fundacìon? You can read about their experiences in the annual report.

annual report 2018
Annual report 2018

A laugh from the children in the Fundacìon is the biggest reward for the hard work in Rancho los Piños in the south of Quito. This year we had a lot to laugh about as all the rooms in the new building have finally been completed. The team, which can now look after even more children, has also worked well. Read the whole report here.

annual report 2017Annual report 2017

The day care centre in the neighbourhood has established itself and has been extended to 50 children, and the second building has also made progress, so that the rooms can gradually be occupied.

Read the whole report here.

informe anual 2016Annual report 2016

A year of expansion with more offerings for the children and teenagers and the start of the construction of the second building.

Read the whole report here.

informe anual 2015 ingles1 text webAnnual report 2015

Even in the eleventh year after the funding of ‚minadores de sueños‘ a lot of things have been going on. Read the actual annual report.

Read the whole report here.

bild_zu_jahresbericht_2014Annual report 2014

2014 was again a busy year. Also in the tenth year since the founding of the „fundacíon pro minadores de sueños“ a lot happend and new challenges had to be mastered. Please have a look to last years annual report:

Read the whole report here.

bild_zu_jahresbericht_2013Annual report 2013

Nine years after the „Fundación Minadores de Sueños“ was found, we are still in times of big progress. Due to our experiences we managed to develop a daily routine. Yet we still find us confronted with new challenges that need to be solved. The well-being of each child represents the centre of our work and to see them smiling gives us extra motivation.
Read the whole report here.

Annual report 2012
The last year has been a year full of new implementations, surprises and changes. We were able to  implement new innovative projects which foster ecological values or give the kids the possibility to play. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us physically, financially or with material expenses.
Read the whole report here.
Jahresbericht 2011Annual report 2011
Another year passed by allowing us to support more children and adolescents with new or further improved project offers. Thanks a lot to you all who joined us in believing in a more socially just world.
Read the whole report here.
Jahresbericht 2010Annual report 2010
This year we had some structural changes in the guided homework project and in the teenager zone project. In addition, we finally managed to offer daily lunch to every child coming to the foundation. Furthermore, we could implement new acitivites with the community to gather altogether people from the neighborhood. These changes are meant to maintain and improve the quality of our work and to involve more the community within the work of the foundation. Read the whole report here.