Project Teen Zone (zona adolescente ZA)

The „ZA“ activities began in September with the participation of 25 young people. The project is planned, implemented and evaluated by 10 young volunteers from the neighborhood under the direction of the Fundación.

The activities take place twice a month on Saturdays. The aim is for the young people to use their free time for educational activities, manage their time responsibly and not make harmful decisions or indulge in vices.

This year, the project has introduced a variation that breaks away from the conventional format of formal classroom-style workshops. Instead, trips to museums, care homes, residential homes, etc. were planned. These activities allow for experiential learning that is less theoretical and more practical.

On Saturday, November 18th, we visited the Centro de Artes Contemporáneas, where the young people had the opportunity to explore one of the different exhibitions: the University Biennial of Multimedia Art „BUAM“. This exhibition presented in a unique, dynamic and innovative way how technology can influence people’s daily lives and how they use it.

The „ZA“ project strives to transform experiences into meaningful learning opportunities. Excursions to interesting places immerse young people in exciting and enriching learning experiences. The enthusiastic response shows that learning can be fun and open doors to exploration and discovery.

The ongoing commitment of the volunteers from the neighborhood and the active participation of the young people pave the way for positive personal development and the expansion of skills. In this process, the „ZA“ project becomes not just a recreational space, but a fertile ground for personal growth, learning and a meaningful connection to the world around them.

Sebastian Tipantuña
Team member of the project ZA