Milestones 2004 – present


  • Unfortunately, this year was dominated by the pandemic
  • In the beginning, the greatest need in the families could be alleviated with the distribution of food baskets: 1,600 baskets or about 16 tons of food were distributed
  • The young people from the youth group were used to provide the food baskets
  • As soon as it was possible, the children were again offered help with their tasks in small groups
  • A group of young people are now taking on leadership roles to support the daily work with the children and organize the activities of the youth group


  • Task assistance: theater and circus classes have been provided as a playful and artistic addition to the daily school routine
  • Workroom set up: Woodwork and repairs can now be done on site
  • Completion of construction work on the second building: exterior painting, Chova weather protection for roof, roofing of lavabos and gate entrance


  • Details under construction: The driveway is concreted. The bridge connecting the two buildings is assembled.
  • Finally there are adequate workplaces for the administration with the new office.
  • In the task help: In addition to the daily routine of coping with the school tasks, there is always plenty of room for activities such as holiday programmes, camps, celebrations on Children’s Day or Christmas and the playroom in everyday life.


  • Thanks to many smaller and larger donations, the second building could be built quickly and it greatly expands the space offered by the Fundacìon.
  • The day-care centre in the quarter is still run by the Fundacìon and the offer has been extended to 50 children.
  • 2 new task rooms are now available for the 6-12 year olds.
  • The 13-17 year olds organise a large part of the holiday programme for the younger ones, which helps them to build up their own skills.


  • The Fundacíon takes over the management of the state day-care centre in the neighbourhood for up to 40 children aged 1-3.
  • The holiday programme has been extended again. A total of 7 groups with 175 young people took part and the project of a second building is gaining momentum.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from the ‚La Rosa‘ association and the ‚1 stone for 1 franc‘ fundraising campaign that was launched, construction began.


  • Expansion of leisure and holiday facilities for children and young people.
  • In camps the participants learn the basic values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, solidarity
  • Setting up a playroom where children can forget their worries.


  • 10 years of Foundation!
  • Education: The Foundation is definitively open the whole day, the number of children which we can support has been increased
  • Education: With the newly hired social worker family and school visits are intensified
  • Construction: compost toilet: in cooperation with the university PUCE humus has been made without any toxic bacterias in it.
  • Construction: The chicken house has been finished in August, hopefully the chicken will spend their eggs for the lunch table


  • Construction: enlargement of the playground with slide and climbing wall and an additional big swing
  • During school holiday: holiday camp with  32 children out in the nature
  • During school holiday: holiday program with 120 people under the theme ‚Respect‘ and plenty of time for playing and having fun
  • Construction: gentle renovation of the rooms with proper cleaning and new painting with motives of the walls


  • Construction: Completion of the new playground (with donations from the Swiss association „Am Ball für Strassenkinder“)
  • Construction: Completion of ecological bathrooms
  • Nutrition: Installation of biological beds together with “Agencia Metropolitana de Promoción Económica” from Quito


  • Construction of property walls ( with donations from Swiss Embassy, Ecuador)
  • Health:  eye surgeries and dental treatments (in cooperation with “Rotary Club Quito”). Establishing a daily teeth-brushing supervision for all children after lunch
  • Education:  Establishment of specific lecture and calculating exsercises for children with learning disabilities


  • Construction of the fundament for building (with donations from “Katholische Kirche Wien” and the help of volunteer workers)
  • Nutrition: Establishing of a daily healthy lunch in addition to an afternoon snack for 30 children of the project
  • Health: Extension of the family visits/support
  • Health: Establishing of small medical treatments (delousing, treatment of warts, dewormings,…)


  • Construction: Second school room finished
  • Education: second school room allows an extension of homework support for 45 children in 2 separate groups
  • Health: Establishment of hearing and visual tests for children of our project in cooperation with INFA
  • Leisure time: weekly meetings of the youth project (before: monthly)


  • Leisure time: specific holiday program for 30 adolescents
  • Construction of a supporting wall enabled by donations from „Katholische Kirche Wien“ and volunteer workers
  • Education: organizing school scolarships for several children in order to enable them to go to school (in cooperation with INFA (“Instituto Nacional de la Familia”, Quito)
  • Health: Establishing family visits as a pilot project with 5 families


  • Leisure time: Establishment of a monthly youth project for up to 20 adolescents
  • Leisure time: holiday program for up to 150 children and also offered for the first time for adolescents
  • Since this year the holiday program was also supported for the first time by “Schweizer Club Quito”


  • Approval from COMPINA (Ecuadorian control organisation for childrens‘ rights)
  • Foundation of  the board of trustees  “Pro Minadores de Sueños” in Switzerland
  • Education: Start of individual remedial teaching and English lessons


  • Education/construction: homework support in our own rooms  for up to 30 children
  • Leisure time: first activities offered for adolescents
  • First extern trainee from the University of Applied Science St. Gallen, Switzerland


  • Approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Education: start of homework support in rented rooms (15 children), school and family visits
  • Leisure time: holiday program for 120 children with the help of juvenile leaders
  • Nutrition: snacks in all offered activities