Community development

By enforcing activities which involve all members of the community, the foundation starts a transformation process for the benefit of all. On our way to change, the following objectives arose:

  •  To offer projects that will improve the physical and social environment of the children and adolescents of the community
  • To achieve the integration of all inhabitants of the neighborhood into the activities and programs

Presently, a clothing project already exists. The community second hand clothes store is our answer to provide the community with clothes in good condition and above all affordable, to help reduce the clothing costs in the family. It is also a sustainable way to reuse clothes that otherwise would have been discarded, generating more pollution. With the collected funds we can partly finance the teenagers’ zone program.

Further, a recycling project, as an answer to the tremendous quantity of waste crowding the streets of the community, should be implemented soon. Through this project we rise awareness among the children about the environment and give them the opportunity to take care of nature by recycling and reusing plastic, glass and paper. By getting the youngest to recycle, they stimulate the rest of the family to do the same.

families buying clothes     well organised second hand clothes store      the second hand clothes store is a real benefit for the needy families