Services & costs

Services provided by „Minadores de Sueños“

  • Organization of accomodation
  • If requested,  support of organizing and reserving a Spanish course in Quito, Ecuador
  • Pick up after arrival in Quito and personal accompaniment to the volunteer apartment or the host family
  • On the first day, the volunteer will be accompanied and personally introduced to the different areas of the project
  • Lunch at „Minadores de Sueños“
  • Reimbursement for excursions with „Minadores de Sueños“
  • Volunteer work certificate

Services NOT provided by „Minadores de Sueños“

  • Travel expenses: The volunteer personally organizes and pays for the journey to Quito and is responsible for adequate travel insurance.
  • Visa: If a volunteer visa is required, the volunteer personally organizes and pays for the visa.
  • Language school: If the volunteer wants to attend a language course he/she has to pay for it.
  • Accomodation: The volunteer apartment 4.50 USD/day; host family 18 USD/day (2018).
  • Food: Except for the provided lunch at the foundation during the week, the volunteer has to pay for his/her own food.
  • Transfer: If the volunteer does noet live in the neighborhood, he/she has to pay for the travel expenses (1-2 USD/day).

The volunteer is responsible for his/her insurance coverage (international insurance). The association “Pro Minadores de Sueños” and the foundation “Minadores de Sueños” take no responsibility and won’t bear any costs for illness or accident.