Personal volunteering

Radiating happiness: We continue with the hard work of accompanying children and adolescents in a healthy and carefree environment, with the new provisions of the government (eliminating the mandatory use of masks) there is evidence of a radical change in the day to day life within the foundation; we can all express again the feelings and gestures of joy, sadness and peace.

In a pleasant way it is possible to observe how after a long time the tenderness and innocence of children and adolescents is reflected again.

Thanks to the process we lived through during the pandemic we learned a lot, such as safeguarding the integrity and health of others and ourselves, and with the acquired responsibility we play, study and have fun without hiding our well-being.

Helping is everyone’s job: We try to encourage children and adolescents to learn in different ways, the ways in which you have fun while learning, teaching them that there is not only one way to study, that you don’t have to memorize something that you will forget in the end. Volunteers with great affection look for ways to teach alternative methods of learning, methods that will serve them in their future life in a more practical way.

Fischertechnik: A selected group of 5 young people received their training for a year, with the commitment to duplicate their knowledge with children and adolescents. The course began on April 22, 2021 and ended on April 30, 2022, and they obtained a diploma that certifies the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to teach children and adolescents.

The „Fischertechnik“ workshops are held every day with two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; developing in children and adolescents motor, spatial and mathematical logic skills that will be useful in their student life, the ability to observe things differently and know that behind each thing there is a great technical work gives the ability to reason and focus attention to study through creative and playful activities.

Sebastián Tipantuña – local volunteer