A summer experience

by Nayely, leader of a group

Hello! My name is Nayely Armijos. I’m studying organizational communication and public relations at the USFQ. This summer, I took part in the holiday program RanPiSur. Without any doubt, this was the best experience for me.

I spent two weeks with children and great group leaders, teaching, learning and above all, having lots of fun. I have organized a lettering-workshop and amid paper and markers with lots of sugar coating we drew letters in many ways with children at the age of 6 to 12. 

I sincerely recommend all the activities the Fundacion offers.

The kindness and friendliness there are unbelievable. They do a great job for all the children in the neighbourhood that are in a difficult situation, and I appreciate the great effort from everyone this summer. I surely will return soon.