More than just a show

After the pandemic, the school has concentrated on conveying knowledge to the children and teenagers that is difficult to do in virtual classes. Therefore, leisure activities which enhance the development of creativity, independence and competences that are important for everyday life, have been a little neglected. 

Some weeks before the end of term, the “talent show” of Marie Reineke, a volunteer from Germany, has come to life in the Fundacion. Marie has been working from September 2019 until February 2020 as a volunteer und she came back for a visit of some days in June this year.

In groups or on their own, each child or teenager was asked to think about their talents and then to prepare an act for their colleagues. In the beginning, it was quite difficult for them to find out their talents or special abilities, but during the week and in discussions they discovered their individual skills like dancing, singing, doing different hairstyles, writing poems, sketching, rope-skipping and a lot more. Within one week they planned their whole performance, choose costumes, make-ups, songs, speakers, models with much enthusiasm.

The pedagogic team of the Fundacion is very much convinced that such artistic activities are a valuable addition to the teaching of the traditional school subjects. We all have learned that such activities enhance the social, emotional, motoric or mathematical skills of the children as well as their abilities in reading and writing. 

Voices of the children:

Samantha Candelejo (6 years): “I was glad to be able to do something different after having finished my homework.” 

Valeria Caiza (9 years): “It was good that I could sing and show my talent.”

Alexander Fajardo (11 years): “I was very happy because I had the chance to sing and show my talent.”

Alex Garcia (10 years): “I think, in the beginning I was nervous, but then I was glad to take part.”

Aylin Quezada (11 years): “I was happy that I took part for the first time.”

Melania Figueroa – teacher
Quito, June 20, 2022