Holidays are here!

In the first week of August, a training course for teens from the district started. Its goal was to teach them the necessary skills for the holiday program. It was led by professionals that passed on their knowledge to the teens to enable them to work with the children and to improve their own every day live. 

After his week of planning, the holiday camp continued with a program for children at the age of six to twelve. It enabled them to spend their holidays in a playful way instead of having to stay at home with nobody around to take care of them. 

In the mornings, there were funny and entertaining activities considering different health issues, followed by workshops that awakened their interest. Later in the week, there was an excursion to a nature park in Ecuador where they learned how to protect nature in order to be able to enjoy it. The holiday camp ended with a party with lots of games, music and fun.

In the third week, there was a further holiday camp for teens from the neighbourhood. Its aim was to help them to meet and get to know other youths and to free them from their everyday live at home. For three days, there were additional courses in the mornings about sexual relations, their consequences, causes of diseases, rights etc. The following four days were spent with interesting excursions that were fun for everyone. In the end, there was a trip to the hot springs of Papallacta, a sightseeing place near Quito. 

There also was an excursion for the group leaders for their help and support during this holiday camp. It ended a month filled with lots of learning and extraordinary experiences. 

                                                                                   Jhoselin Pilisita, volunteer