„El cuarto de juegos“ – Individual support in the playroom

This year, the „cuarto de juegos“ project was resumed in a refreshed form. The playroom is designed to playfully support the children in a small setting.

In small groups of two to five children, social skills such as fairness, respect, helpfulness and consideration, as well as self-competences such as dealing with frustration (to lose), patience and self-confidence are to be practised. These principles of coexistence are implemented and reflected by establishing clear rules. On the other hand, a cognitive support is to be ensured by skillfully choosing and realising the games.

Each child should have the opportunity to attend the play sequence once a week after completing their homework. This takes place in the specially equipped playroom, the „cuarto de juegos“, where everything from classic parlour games, fun-filled games of skill and thought, to pedagogically valuable tutor material can be found. In this way, we can offer the children a varied play program that takes into account their strengths and weaknesses as well as their age.

Experience has shown that the children’s play sequence is an event they are very much looking forward to. The work in small groups and only with the volunteers as carers is a special setting, which brings with it different experiences compared to the homework help or the free play in the break. In addition, the volunteers‘ sequence is a good opportunity for them to get to know the children a little more closely and from a different angle, as well as to build confidence.

In this way, the playroom becomes a place where people not only play, but also laugh, help, think, doubt, ask, answer, share and learn. And the best thing about it is that each and every individual can actually only win.

Patrizia & Nina
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator