The situation in Ecuador is unchanged and there is no sign of a relaxation in sight. Therefore, the living conditions for the families are becoming more devastating day by day. In the last weeks we have now delivered 500 baskets. In some special cases, which the health centre arranged for us, the food was even brought to the front door. In this way, food could be secured for families in extreme situations.

To have a change of food, this time instead of tuna and sardines we had a big chicken, which we got from the butcher’s shop in the neighbourhood. Thus, the foundation also supports the local trade and the money spent for the purchases partly stays in the quarter.

Newly the families were informed about the situation when the baskets were handed over. After the team was informed about the hygiene measures by doctors from the health centre during a visit, the staff passed on the new knowledge to the population. In this way, the people learned about adequate hand washing, the importance of using soap and the necessity of face masks. We also use this new task for direct contact with the parents.

Marco Nyffeler