the Theatre transforms

The theatre has the special power to turn everyday life into something different, something much more precious. The transformation is done by the experience of freedom.

Every week the acting coach came into the “Fundación” to hand on his knowledge and to enrich the children’s life. The theatre workshop of each group took place Mondays and Fridays for 90 minutes. All of them enjoyed the prepared room. Several hours of the week they had got this unique opportunity given by the theatre only. 

There they developed self-confidence, self-control, the skill of overcoming difficult situations as well as transferring it to oneself and one’ senvironment.

At the end of the day the children slipped out of their roles, the room was tidied up for day – to – day school life and in anticipation of learning something new they returnedto their daily activities. To finish up the process and to present the achievement to the parents a small children’s festivity was organised. There the children performed nervously but self-confident.