IT-Lessons for the Children

As also in Ecuador distance learning had been imposed it became visible that the children had very varying knowledge of technology. Some already had had some experience with computers and were able to follow the lessons easily, while others had no knowledge at all. 

The computer lessons started in April with the aim of teaching the children basic skills and prepare them well for the online lessons so that all the children could take part in class together.

We put the children in equally strong groups so that we could start on a level which suited the children. Nevertheless, not all the children reached the goal in the time given. Having made this experience, we will be able to improve the course in the future.

Being able to use computers is an important skill these days, which the children must master more and more for their daily life und later while studying.

However, this first course showed as well that familiarity with the IT-equipment can be reached quickly. The children showed a lot of interest and were very keen on learning new things.

Instructor Kevin, 18 years old
Member of the project “Zona Adolescente”