The corona crisis is not yet over, we are still all affected by various restrictions. While here in Europe the numbers remain at a low level at the moment, cases are still rising sharply in most South American countries. However, the greatest impact on living conditions is partly due to the measures that have been taken to contain them.

In order to cushion the lack of job opportunities and difficult schooling during the crisis, the Fundacìon has launched two programmes. With the food baskets, the greatest need of the families in the neighbourhood could be alleviated and with the school support it was possible to teach the children in the school rooms of the Fundacìon, so that they will not lose their connection.

This is only possible thanks to the generous support. For both programmes we have so far been able to collect well over 20,000 Swiss francs, which have directly benefited the local children and families and are still coming.

Many thanks for your donation!