Corona Crisis: Help from young people

On 10 June, the food baskets for the families in the neighbourhood were handed over for the 10th time. The Ecuadorian state has decided on first small loosenings in order to give the population step by step more mobility and job opportunities. Nevertheless, the foundation will continue to distribute the food, because after this lockdown it will not be easy for the people to find work again. The economy has been weakened very much by these measures.

For the street vendors it is difficult to sell the products because the streets are still empty. Therefore the distribution of food will probably remain necessary even when „normality“ is restored. Just today, June 16th, an extension of the state of emergency for two months was further determined.

In these days the personal work with the children began, of course with the observance of the corresponding hygiene regulations. This means that the team is now once again completely occupied with the educational work. That is why the young people were mobilized by the youth project to help us prepare and distribute the food baskets.

Once again, the solidarity of the young people with their help for the community is evident. Prevention as an important element was also communicated in the form of educational videos about measures such as „social distance“. In this way new necessary habits are taught so that parents can become role models for their children.

Marco Nyffeler