Corona Crisis: What do we plan?

Thank you very much for all the donations,
which we have received until today!

We can now provide around 1,600 food baskets for the families affected in the neighbourhood. In addition to the monetary donations, local suppliers also support us with donations in kind. For example, a dairy in the neighbourhood supplies 50 litres of milk per week.

We plan to put together and distribute 100 baskets per week. That is about 1.2 tons of food to be bought and distributed!

Since the children are not allowed to visit the Fundacìon at the moment, this work will allow the caregivers to continue working at the fundacìon – also a small contribution to alleviate the need.

The donations are sufficient to keep the offer for at least 4 months. Hopefully the situation will have calmed down a bit by then.

Again many thanks for your help
Marco Nyffeler
Association Pro Minadores des Sueños