A Christmas with joy and gifts

We made it another year! A thank-you to all helpers and donors to make an unforgettable Christmas possible. For the first time we organized a small parade through the district. Afterwards there was a little Christmas reflection, where all the children with their different beliefs were integrated and respected. As usual, the children played on „our“ soccer field at the various play stations to have fun with their friends and test their skills. Of course there were small symbolic prizes to win, so that the children were even more motivated.

Meanwhile, a delicious and simple lunch was prepared in the kitchen. This food didn’t have to be healthy, it just had to taste good. There was also no lack of a good dessert to round off the Christmas meal.

At the end the traditional fruit bowl, instead of sweets as common in Ecuador, was given a toy and a surprise present. Since the beginning we have understood that the sweets cause great damage to health, but the children also enjoy special fruits. For the families there is an additional bag with food. So the children went home content and fully loaded.